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Wicked Moon (musical) Reading

posted Jun 1, 2011, 7:42 AM by Anne Marie Wilson   [ updated Jun 7, 2011, 1:59 PM ]


When is first love true love and when is it illusion? This is the question facing two
women, Arlene Lewis and her niece Kendra Millay. Since losing the man she loved
Arlene has devoted her life to running her cabaret, the Wicked Moon.

Kendra arrives with herfiancee, Carl Windover, the son of wealth and privilege whose patronizing attitude
toward all things cabaret causes Kendra to question her future as a “Windover wife.”

 Old secrets open the door to a new future for Arlene and a choice for Kendra
who finds herself falling in love with the free-spirited musical director of the cabaret.

Events cascade to an unexpected reprieve for the
Wicked Moon and the cabaret lives on, proof that the best laid plans of mice, men and
landlords are no match for love

Arly - Anne Marie Pinto
Kendra - Gina Tomkus
Sara/Sam - Claudia Vandermade
Mike - Sam Nystrom
Carl - Scott Harrison
Dean - Matt Williams
Pete - Chris Thorn

Reston Community Players' New Play Project!

Reston Community Players (RCP) is a nonprofit community theater organization in Northern Virginia.  After seeing an article on line about the Wicked Moon debut performance at the 4th Wall Theater, Rick Schneider,  Reston Players' Executive Producer, invited Wicked Moon to participate in their New Play Project. Similar to 4th Wall's
Musicals In Development program, the New Play Project offers playwrights the opportunity
to work with the theater company on an ongoing basis to further develop their work.

On June 25 we begin the first stage of the process with a basic reading (open to the public) in the Reston Player's rehearsal hall at 7:30 p.m., with a reception and talk-back to follow. Wicked Moon is the only musical participating in this summer series of six plays running from May through July, 2011.

 Based on the talk-back sessions at the 4th Wall staging in March, the creative team has made some revisions to the songs and libretto, and looks forward to bringing Wicked Moon to the stage once again at RCP in Reston, Virginia.